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Torba Mahallesi, Rıza Anter Caddesi, 3012. Sokak No : 1, Map 48400 Bodrum / Muğla / TURKEY

bus companies Bus Companies

In Turkey, long-distance bus routes are much more important than in other countries.

There are bus companies in Turkey, some of which only serve individual long-distance bus routes, while other providers serve almost all major cities in the country. It is almost impossible for the traveler to compare all the routes and their prices.
There are online internet websites for that purpose.

How can you get to Bodrum ?

Bodrum, one of the most famous tourist places in Turkey, can be reached via Milas on the D 330 motorway.
A second choice is with the airlines that fly to Milas Bodrum Airport.

Distance from Bodrum bus station to other cities bus stations
Muğla : Milas-Yatağan is 105 km,
İzmir : Milas-Söke is 230 km,
İstanbul (Esenler Bus Station) : Milas-Söke-İzmir, then highway 690 km,
Bursa : Milas-Söke-İzmir, then highway is 555 km,
Ankara : Milas-Yatağan-Muğla-Tavas-Denizli-Afyon is 700 km,
Antalya : Milas-Yatağan-Mugla-Tavas-Korkuteli 410 km, but it's 520 km from Muğla-Fethiye-Kaş-Kemer coastline,
Çanakkale : Milas-Söke-İzmir-Aliağa-Ayvalık-Edremit is 570 km,
Aydın : Milas-Yatağan-Çine is 140 km but from Milas-Söke is 160 km,
Denizli : Milas-Yatağan-Muğla-Tavas 250 km,
Konya : Milas-Yatağan-Muğla-Tavas-Denizli-Dinar-Akşehir 620 km away.

The location of Bodrum on the map of Turkey

Bodrum Location

From Bodrum bus station it is possible to find bus connections and bus tickets for almost all of Turkey.
But we don't sell tickets here!

There are "20 stops" for long-distance buses.

The bus companies do not have shuttles that take guests to Bodrum or from Bodrum to the bus station.

The public transport from Muttaş goes to the old bus station in the center or to the desired destination. Also the other way around.


When do I have to be at the bus stop?

Most long-distance bus providers advise you to be at the bus stop about 20 minutes before departure. Large bus stops and ZOBs can sometimes be confusing, which is why it is advisable to plan a little more time here.

In the waiting area

There is internet in the waiting room where you can check your emails or use other internet services. A variety of other offers are available to you for your stay in the waiting hall and in the outdoor area.


At the Bodrum bus station there are also services for customers who feel unsafe due to mobility restrictions or who need support. If you use a wheelchair, rollator or walking aid, are partially sighted, blind or deaf, we offer information and services that enable barrier-free travel.

Bus companies

It is for information only and includes the providers and their phone numbers who sell tickets in the ticket office.

Ticket counters

There are "12 ticket counters" in the bus station for long-distance trips.
You have the option of purchasing remote bus tickets from various providers at the respective ticket counters.
The telephone numbers are for the respective companies, which are described on the board.

1. Ticket counters

0(252)316 04 68


2. Ticket counters

0 850 333 35 35   -  0(252) 316 13 69


3. Ticket counters

0(252)316 04 68


4. Ticket counters

0(252)313 16 62   -  0(252)316 23 72


5. Ticket counters

0(252)367 12 59


6. Ticket counters

0(252)367 22 23   -  0(252)313 43 03


7. Ticket counters

0(252)316 15 09   -  0(252)316 32 50


8. Ticket counters

0(252)313 22 33   -  0(252)316 25 60


9. Ticket counters

Empty - There are no companies yet.


10. Ticket counters

0(252)316 78 49


11. Ticket counters

0(252)313 48 00   -  0(252)316 36 04


12. Ticket counters

Empty - There are no companies yet.


Baggage Regulations

According to the road traffic regulations, the luggage limit per seat is limited to 30 kg. There is a surcharge for your luggage over 30 kg. The standard baggage category does not include quilts, livestock, electronic goods, etc. Also, food spills such as oil and pickles cannot be carried in the trunk.
Baggage that exceeds the limit can be taken according to the baggage capacity, taking into account the baggage of other passengers.