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O Taxis

There is a taxi service in the new Bodrum bus station and right near the bus station in Torba.

You can find a taxi 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
There are a total of 54 taxis at the bus station.

The taxis at the bus station alternate with Torba taxis. Although the number of taxis at the bus station may seem small, if necessary the taxis from Torba are immediately at the bus station. They work alternately in 3 groups.



Torba Mahallesi
Rıza Anter Caddesi
3012. Sokak No : 1
48400 Bodrum, Muğla, Turkey
( at the intersection to Torba, Milas, Yalıçiftlik, Bodrum )

taxi Otogar Taxis

Phone : +90 (252) 367 11 91

taxi Torba Taxi

Phone 1 : +90 (252) 367 12 29
Phone 2 : +90 (252) 367 10 15

A first in Turkey!

For the first time in Turkey, with a regulation, a new taxi tariff was introduced, where the price is calculated "with the distance of the taxi meter decreasing" .
The aim of this new application was to apply a certain standard tariff with a single charge for distances between 0 and 1 km. The longer the journey, the less you should pay per kilometer. As a result, they wanted taxis to be used more.

As part of the resolution of the UKOME board of the Muğla Province (traffic coordination center) of 12.09.2018 with the number 2018 / 7-472, taximeter fees were set in this way for the first time.

On March 3th, 2021 the taxi tariffs were updated as follows :

- The opening fee in taximetertariffs is 5.50 TL
- The highest long-distance tariff is 5.75 TL / KM,
- The travel time is 30 TL / hour,
- For waiting times is the unit time fee 0.50 TL / minute,
- The unit distance fee has been increased to 0.575 TL.

Price list!

0 - 1 KM (inclusive) MINIMUM FEE PER TRIP : 10,50 TL (VAT included)
1 to 5 km. Taxi rate for 1 kilometer : 5,50 TL/Km
6 to 15 km. Taxi tariff for 1 kilometer : 4,50 TL/Km
16 to 30 km. Taxi tariff for 1 kilometer : 4,00 TL/Km
31 to 50 km. Taxi rate for 1 kilometer : 3,25 TL/Km
from 51 km. and more taxi tariff for 1 kilometer : 2,25 TL/Km

Last update : 11.11.2021

How is it calculated?

for example;

You want to drive from Bodrum Bus Station to Milas-Bodrum Airport.

Otogar ⇥ to the airport are : 31 KM,
Opening fee : 5.50 TL + (31 KM x 3.25 TL : 100,75 TL) + with waiting times = Approximately 120-125 TL.

Another way to get to the airport is with the airport buses.