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Bodrum logotogar

Bodrum Bus Station

This website is for informational purposes only. No tickets or other items sold. Our purpose is to display all bus companies, minibuses, city buses, taxis, airport services, cafes, restaurants and buffets in the bus station by updating them on one page ...

About Bus Station

"The new bus station at the Torba area will be completed in the coming months. Therefore, no new restorations or changes are made in the bus station."

Bodrum Bus Station

About Webpage

Bodrumotogar.com which made in 2019 is the first and the best system for "Bodrum Bus Station!". We desire with this site that save you from all annoying things and crowded in the station.

Bodrum Bus Station


- You dont need to search many pages!
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Bodrum Otogar Place

The Bodrum Bus Station has been in existence since 1986.

Adress of Bodrum Otogar :

-Bodrum Otogar at corner of Cevat Şakir St. and Nafız Özsoy St., next to the bazaar.
"Çarşı Mahallesi, Cevat Şakir Cad. No:1, 48400 Bodrum/Muğla"

Bodrum Bus Station Map

(Tuesday : Textile market 👕 / Friday: Fruit and vegetable market 🍊 - 🍅).

Bodrum Bus Station Entry
Bodrum Bus Station Exit

Keyif Cafés - Restaurants - Buffets - Left Luggage

Cafés - Restaurants - Buffets- Left Luggage
Left Luggage

New Bus Station Project

An important stage has been reached in the process of transportation of the Bodrum Bus Station to the new location at Torba crossing.

New Bodrum Bus Station New Place
New Bodrum Bus Station New Place

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality has made a bus terminal with a total investment of 74m TL (14 Million US Dollar) including 24.6m for land place, 45.5m for bid and 4m TL for solar energy panels.
Bodrum Bus Terminal's construction area is 17.117 square meters and designed to have; 21 intercity bus platform, 45 minibus bay, 10 minibus storage platform, open parking lot for 157 vehicles, indoor parking lot for 19 vehicles and disabled parking for 8 vehicles.

" The roof of the Bodrum Bus Station will also consist entirely of solar panels."

New Place
New Bus Station

New construction phases for the new bus station

The Construction License was given for the new Bodrum Terminal. (06.09.2018)

Construction of the new bus station began on 09 March 2019.

New Bodrum Bus Station  1
New Bodrum Bus Station  2

* 04 November 2019 50% of the bus station was finished.

New Bodrum Bus Station  3
New Bodrum Bus Station  4

* 29 May 2020 90% of the bus station was finished.

New Bodrum Bus Station  5
New Bodrum Bus Station  6