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Torba Mahallesi, Rıza Anter Caddesi, 3012. Sokak No : 1, Map 48400 Bodrum / Muğla / TURKEY

O Intercity bus terminal

The terminal is located on an area of ​​17,117 square meters, was built on 31 hectares of land and has to 2 floors.


The Bodrum bus station is easily accessible for you both by public transport and by private transport.
Our car parking lot for visitors and collectors is available.

24 hour operation

The bus station team works 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
The Bodrum bus station is wheelchair accessible.

bus station


For passengers arriving to the bus station on foot, the entrance is from the lower floor.
Public transport, airport shuttles, electric charging station (in the parking lot), parking lot and taxi service are on the ground floor. The place where pedestrians enter the bus station area is the exit point for all vehicles.

Pedestrian entrance

First floor

On this upper floor are the 12 ticket counters for the long-distance bus companies, also where you can buy tickets and get information from them, and the 20 platforms are here.

Where is our location?

We are at a roundabout where the 4 streets that meet from Milas-Torba-Bodrum-Yalıçiftlik, in a place known as Torba Junction, 5 km from the city center.



Torba Mahallesi
Rıza Anter Caddesi, 3012. Sokak No : 1
48400 Bodrum, Muğla, Turkey

There is no contact telephone number for Bodrum Bus Station to call directly, ask questions or get information.
The phone numbers to call at Bodrum Bus Station can be found on our contact page.

For vehicles at the
bus station entrance ⇆ exit route

The entrance of all private cars and buses to the bus station is to the right of the Torba junction in the direction of Bodrum

entrance - exit

It is on the road in the direction of the roundabout to the Torba district, next to the shopping center (tr.AVM), which is adjacent to the bus station.

Service area

The Bodrum bus station, which will be at its new location from June 25, 2021, not only serves as a terminal for long-distance buses, but also for city buses (Dolmusche) and airport buses.
On the upper floor there are a total of 20 platforms and ticket counters for bus companies.
On the lower floor (basement) there are 36 platforms for public bus and 5 platforms for the airport bus , total 41 platforms.
From here there are bus connections to almost all of Turkey. (Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, İzmir and more)
It is also possible to use the Muttaş public bus to get to Bodrum city center or to the old bus station or anywhere on the peninsula.

What else is there in the bus station?

Barrier-free ramps, automatic sliding doors with photocells, small goods transport vehicles, Wi-Fi service (wireless) - Internet, toilets - WC (5.- ₺), 5 toilets for the disabled, 2 wheelchairs, 2 masjid (prayer room for Muslims - women and men separated) , 1 infirmary, 2 baby care rooms, 1 restaurant, 4 cafeteria kiosk (buffet), 1 hairdresser, 1 shoe repair service, Melsa - handicraft shop of the city of Muğla, cash machines
Phone Charge and Plug station is upstairs.

direction signs
cash machine
Phone Chargers and Plugs
Waiting area - seats
Fee - 04.08.2022
Escalators and stairs

In this context, architectural solutions were adopted as the basis for guaranteeing accessibility and the accessibility standards set by TSE were accepted as legislation.

We produce our own energy

The roof of the bus station consists of solar panels. This means that all of the energy required by the bus station is generated from the sun.


Energy from the sun

The new Bodrum bus station is environmentally friendly. The energy obtained from the sun amounts to 640 kWh and is the largest integrated system in Turkey.
Thus, for the first time in Turkey, 6 separate charging stations were built in a bus station, where electric vehicles can be charged. The owners of electric vehicles can charge their vehicles in an average of 3 hours, depending on the battery power of their vehicle.
For more information, please visit the "Electric Vehicle Charging" page.

What is there in the area?

- TP, Petrol Ofisi, Opet, Shell gaz stations,
- Bodrum Shop & Go,
- bakery (Fırın),
- Migros JET shop,
- pharmacy (Eczane),
- In Torba place accommodation.